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Information regarding UFO (Aliens)
Information regarding UFO (Aliens)

"Jigsaw falling into place
There is nothing to explain"
To whom it may concern...
By Me and Zen


  • www.peterdavidbeter.com
    (#80 audio letters of Dr. Peter David Beter covers period from June 1975 till November 1982. He is author of the non fiction book 'The Conspiracy Against the Dollar' (1973)
    Some interesting info from these audio letters:
    • Soviet hovering electro-gravitic platforms (Cosmospheres - hovering in electrostatic field of Earth): manned Cosmos Intercept. Killer Satellites (normal battle satellites), Cosmospheres, "Super Heavies" or "Jumbos", (Cosmos 929 - 1st one) armed with charged particle beam weapons.
    • US Secret Beam-weapons base on the Moon (Secret US Space Program at Diego Garcia Island, Indian Ocean): September 27, 1977 - Battle of the Harvest Moon at Copernicus crater, which America lost when Russia's Cosmospheres killed all astronauts in their base by neutron particle beam weapon (Cosmos 954). Then Russia established seven bases on the Front side armed with powerful charged particle beam weapons, and three supporting bases on the back side of the Moon...
      Coordinates are:
      Near side of the Moon:
      1. 55 54' N, 51 00' E ...East of the Sea of Cold.
      2. 16 33' N, 48 51' E ...West of the Sea of Crises.
      3. 31 53' S, 73 09' E ...Southwest of the Sea of Fertilio.
      4. 72 26' S, 67 30' W ...Near the South Pole on the SW side.
      5. 50 53' S, 57 49' W ...Near Phocylides Crater in the SW quadrant
      6. 09 26' S, 66 52' W ...Southwest of the Ocean of Storms
      7. 01 23' S, 12 27' W ...Northeast of the Apollo 14 landing site.
      Far side of the Moon:
      1. 36 00' S, 147 00' E ...Jules Verne Crater.
      2. 13 36' S, 108 26' E ...Southwest of Pasture Crater.
      3. 51 03' N, 095 00' E ...Southwest of Compton crater.
    • 1st. Russian manned landing on the Moon at October 16, 1977 (on the Back Side of the Moon at 'Jules Verne' crater: Kovalyonok and Ryumin)
    • Underwater missile crises of 1976
    • April 20, 1978. Shot-down of Korean Air Line Boeing 707 flight 902 (Regarding spy mission of Murmansk, Supersecret Plesetsk Cosmodrome...America's spy satellites were already blasted off from the orbit)
    • Russia's Cosmodromes:
      1. Plesetsk: 65 40' N, 40 10' E
      2. Kapustin Yar: (East of Volgograd): 48 36' N, 45 48' E
      3. Baikonur: 47 22' N, 65 45' E
      4. Tyura-Tam: (together with Karsakpaj it is part of Baikonur)
    • Cosmosphere Bases (Support Locations):
      1. Semipalatinsk
      2. Novosibirsk
    • Australia, New Zealand December 30, 1978 Cosmosphere incident filmed as UFO story aired by CBS Walter Cronkite.
    • Destruction of Secret Russian missile base at Guyana (as cover-up was used agent Jim Jones and the massacre which is well known...)
    • Project Z (planned III World War (I Nuclear War) 3 PM Sept. 17, 1982).
    • Rockefeller's fortified family hideaway at Mt. Desert Island and Barlett Island, Maine. Nuclear safe zone in that time...secret agreement between Rockefellers and Russians
    • Secret of Russia's Organic Robotoid, Rothschild Synthetics (Connected with cattle mutilation in Northern America. See audio letter #53, topic 1) : Artificial, living, robot-like creatures. This led to the 'war of doubles' (Replicas or Clones) thanks to advanced DNA knowledge...), Some mentioned Robotoids & Synthetics: Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Prime Minister Begin, Stansfield Turner CIA director, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ambassador Thomas Watson, Space Shuttle Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen (Real died in 1st STS Columbia), Shah of Iran...etc.
    • October 30, 1981, November 4, 1981 Two Russian manned spaceship blasted off for Venus.
    • July 4, 1981. Two naval vessels have been destroyed. Greatest US naval disaster since W.W.II.
    • Skylab shoot down by Russia's Cosmospheres (October 18, 1977 - dead of 5 astronauts),
    • Destruction of all America's spy satellites by Russia's Cosmospheres... They were all gone till April 1978. Including one above Petrozavodsk September 20, 1977. According to UFO magazines it was UFO but it was not, it was the end of one US satellite thanks to Russia's Cosmospheres. (In this case: Cosmos 929...)
    • Strange disappearance of Satellites like at December 11, 1979: 'Satcom 3' made by RCA and at May 9, 1980: 'Agami 2' made by Japanese were pulled inside to Cosmosphere cargo bay.
    • MX Minuteman cover-up for traveling TX Minuteman (railroad) Missiles;
    • Destruction of Secret Military Naval Base at South Georgia Island (cover-up: Falkland war...)
    • Disaster of several Space Shuttles Columbia and cover-ups
    • New developments in the military:
      • 'Subcraft' (Submersible) Phantom war plane
      • Invisible bombers (probably B2 Spirit)
      • Railgun)
      • LADAR
      • Tungsten shield
      • PRF Psychoenergetic Range Finding - detection of the actual atomic signature of the target. Hard to be jammed (by Russians)
      • RPV's - Remote Piloted Vehicles
      • Russia's new submarine in 1980: 'Typhoon' (I've seen it on the Discovery channel and must say it's really huge)
      • CEIR (Computer-Enhanced Infra Red)
    • Geophysical warfare for weather modification = artificial storms and artificial earthquakes...October 22, 1979: first test of Russia's new (by moon bases) artificial storm technique in the South Atlantic. (Thanx goes to Moon Bases and Cosmospheres...)
    • Planned New US Constitution (10 regions)
    • Electronic psychological programming (conditioning) by CIA.
    • Red Friday Agreement. October 1, 1976. Sunken Russia's mini-sub at Chesapeake Bay Area (Gromyko - Ford agreement)
    • Swine Flue cover for Plutonium poisoning. November 20, 1976.
    • Gang of Four: Four Rockefeller's brothers ...or later, but not long:
      1. Zbigniew Brzezinski
      2. W. Michael Blumenthal
      3. Harold Brown
      4. James Schlesinger
    • JFK assassination. He was killed within the car by directed explosion. In his head was found over 28 shrapnels.
    • Fort Knox Gold Scandal (Leaking of radioactive super poison made from plutonium 239 stored here, Stolen American Gold...)
    • Who was Khazars and their relation to the self-styled Jews
    • about politics, New World Order, CFR, TC...etc.
    • And something interesting. According to Dr. Beter those people are dead: (mostly were killed in Bolshevik coup d'état in America 1979)
      • General George S. Brown: July 10, 1977
      • John D. Rockefeller III: July 1978
      • Nelson Rockefeller: January 26, 1979,
        See LOOK Magazine March 5, 1979, page 39. Circular dark area above eye-brow. Bullet in the head...
      • Real David Rockefeller: February 9, 1979
        Bullet to the head
      • real Laurance Rockefeller: February 17, 1979
        Bullet to the nape of the neck.
      • Henry Kissinger: February 5, 1979
        Lie down buried (shot down) in the ocean: 54 40' 57'' North, 26 40' 00'' West
      • Megan Ruth Marschack: February 8, 1979
        Bullet in the head
      • Hugh Morrov: February 13, 1979
        Bullet in the head
      • Dr. John Knowles (president of the Rockefeller Foundation) March 6, 1979
        Shot in the head
      • Zbigniew Brzezinski: April 20, 1979
      • Walter Mondale: April 20, 1979
      • Jimmy Carter, Amy, Billy, Lillian, Hugh: April 21-23, 1979
      • W. Michael Blumenthal: May 13, 1979
      • Harold Brown: May 13, 1979
      • James Schlesinger: May 13, 1979
      • Cyrus Vance: 1979
      • real Brezhnev: January 7, 1978
      • real pope John Paul II. (Wojtyla): 4:00 PM, November 20, 1978
      • real Shah of Iran: Sunday December 2, 1979

Main theme in the audio letters is the struggle for world domination between Three World sections:
1. Bolshevik (expelled from Russia after 1976) - Zionist axis,
2. Rockefeller's Cartel,
3. Russia's native Christians

Search in Dr. Peter David Beter Audio Letters Serie
Web www.peterdavidbeter.com

In one audio-letter you can find that Japan company 'SONY' stays for: 'Standard Oil of New York' controlled by Rockefeller's.




Cloning, genetic manipulation:



So just few examples:

  • ...where the flesh meets the spirit world...
  • ...Sun comes up and the man goes down, and the woman comes again...
  • ...we reach out over race and hold each other's hands then die in the flames singing we shall overcome...whoa, what is going on?...
  • ...there will be some blood no doubt about it...
  • ...oh Lord, just let him see me, Lord just let him hear me...
  • ...they show us how to break the rules, but never how to make the rules, reduce us down to witless punks...
  • ...when comes the shaking man, a nation in his eyes, striped with blood and emblazed tattoo, streaking cathedral spire...
  • ...there is no hold, the moving has come through, the danger passing you...
  • ...God is on top of it, that is all. We are we are...
  • ...Burning up each others love, burning up our lives....nobody dancing...
  • ...I wished I was a sailor thousand miles from here, I wished I had a future anywhere...
  • ...I never want to say goodnight miracle goodnight...
  • ...Don't want to know the past, I want to know the real deal...less we know, the better we feel...nobody dancing...it was only make believe...
  • ...no place to hide no way to fall, nowhere to lie no world so wide....
  • ...I am sick and tired of telling you...Don't let me down and down and down...
  • ...I know there is something in the wind, that crazy balance of my mind, what kind of fools are you and I? Scared to death and tell me why?...
  • ...still I keep my love for you...
  • ...You made a date with destiny...you hunt in mind not fade away...
  • ...My love, where ever you are, whatever you are, don't loose faith...I know it's going to happen someday to you...please wait, wait, don't loose faith....
  • ...you say that day never arrives, and it never seemed so far away...don't loose faith...
  • ...these are floating clouds, angel for life...dreaming alone and I feel that someone listens to me angel for life...
  • ...I am gonna be so good...I am gonna change my way, angel for life...I believe in magic...
  • ...Lucy I know what you are going to do...now you are looking for God in exciting new ways, I say TRUST HIM AT ONCE WHICH IS SOMETHING THESE DAYS...
  • ...Lucy can dance to the noise but she knows what the noise can do...'
  • ...did the world just explode? Don't recognize anyone, but you still got me under your thumb....
  • ....in this sexual noise, vicious chord offer joy, you live and you die in the blink of an eye, well I can't make you dance, dance to the noise...
  • ...so I will spin while my lunatics lyrics goes wrong, guess I'll putt all my eggs in a postmodern song...
  • ...or this shallow orb mugged by reality, just a few simple words like I love you, I need you...still I can't make you dance, dance to the noise...

It's some kind of spiritual album. If you want to understand this album you should read Revelation. So is highly recommended to borrow or buy this CD. On the cover you can see shot of his eyes. If you read a book 'Secret Life ' from David Jacobs. Compare it with the penetration to the mind techniques used by greys. (Staring) I recommend you to make a transcript of this album. (Lyrics are not included in this album.) If you know bit about David Bowie, he had a song called 'Life On Mars' His first big hit was a song 'Space Oddity' see movie: 2001...(S. Kubrick) And he was interested also about theme UFOs and extraterrestrial life. His latest albums are also connected somehow with this topic: "Earthling" (Buy), "Reality" (Buy)


  • Prince and the New Power Generation' (Buy) CD where is the song '7' about 7 angels from book of Revelation (on that CD are songs like Sexy M.F...and on the cover is that new city called...N.J..) You can find there mirror messages like:
  • Sheryl Crow (Buy): First song from her 2nd album: "Maybe Angels"
  • Sting (Buy): Video clip for song "I'm so happy" from CD "Mercury Falling" (Buy) (Dancing Little Grey aliens in I am so happy... video)


And something from the year 1994 is a CD of group:

...and on the back cover you can find little Grey surprise. (Ultimate records 1994. Polydor/Polygram....it looks like some techno) Before they had album with a name: 'Abduction' and single 'Epsylon'

Or group:

4. CFR, TC, Bilderbergers, RIIA, Rockefeller's,
COMMITTEE OF 300, Olympians

  • CFR: Council on Foreign Relations (also known for their papers 'Foreign Affairs' published five times per a year.)
  • TC: Trilateral Commission
  • RIIA: Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)

> addresses of CFR and TC are:

  • CFR:
    Peter G. Peterson (Buy)
    New York
    NY 10021
    Phone: (212) 734-0400 Fax: (212) 861-1789
    (Here you can also subscribe their magazine 'Foreign Affairs'. And for those without big money one advice: Visit your Library.)
  • TC:
    Paul Volcker (Buy)
    345E., 46th.St.

    New York
    NY 10017
    Phone: (212) 661-1180
    (And here you can subscribe their magazine 'Trialogue')
    list of CFR, TC members in government during: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton This you can get (for free?) from:
    • Victory Baptist Church
      46th Avenue East Moline

      IL 61244
      Ask for: 'Rise and the Power of International Bankers' Also can be found some papers on 'New World Order'.

Something about CFR:
book: Barnet Richard J., Roots of War - The Men And The Institutions Behind U.S. Foreign Policy, 1972. Page 49. Quote: " * Membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, it should be noted, is a rite of passage for an aspiring national security manager. It is a convenient list of about 1500 potentially eligible 'responsible' and 'informed' individuals with reasonably predictable views, temperaments, and associations....,but failure to be asked to be a member of the Council has been regarded for a generation as a presumption of unsuitability for high office in the national security bureaucracy...' end of quote.

Another excellent information on this subject is file 'Committee.300' at: (One World Government, New World Order, and about CFR, TC, RIIA, (Rhodes-Milner) Roundtables, Club of Rome...) Also highly recommended are Dr. Peter Beter audio letters, Some short info taken from the file Committee of 300:

Some other names - Give a google chance to type it in:


Famous UFO Debunkers of Ufology:

People who might know something about this subject:

Main Families Behind the New World Order...:


(very often sci-fi films)


Other Signs:

  • Black Triangle on the Red background: Delta Group (Force)
  • Triangle with the Greek letter Tau within it: Dulce Base
  • Triangle and 3 Lateral Lines: Seen on some Flying Saucers

Some Co. and Signs Used by them (during last years)...:

  • SONY: TriLogic (Triangle)
  • SIEMENS: Nile Technology, Pyramid, TriMark (Triangle)


(Just few, sorry for mistakes...)
Mostly is mentioned about three distinct colony zones, and three main types:

    • ORION, Betelguese: Large Nosed (Tall) Greys 'Council of Light' (DNA from insect and Reptilians)
      (Star is: M type, 652 LY (distance in Light Years))
    • ORION, Rigel: Greys (original habited by Blonds) 'Evil Power'
      (Star is: 815 LY)
    • RETICULUM, Zeta Reticuli: Greys (they original outpost - Now slaves in service of reptilian species of Orion and Draco system)
      (Star is: G2 type, 38 LY)
    • DRACO, Thuban (Alfa Draconis): Original outpost of Draco Reptilians species (Oldest reptilian race in the near universe)
      (Star is: A0 type, 215 LY)
    • DRACO, Wolf424 A&B: ...Ummo, French Connection
      (Star is: M6e, 14.2 LY)
    • AURIGA, Alfa Aurigae - Capella: Draconians
      (Stars are: A, B, 45 LY)
    • CANIS MINOR, Procyon: Blonds
      (Star: F5 type, 11.4 LY)
    • PLEIADES (Seven Sisters): Blonds (Nordic (human appearance) type)
      Group of Stars (Alcyone, Celaeano, Electra, Atlas, Merope, Sterope I, Sterope II, Taygeta (planet ERRA 'Semjase & co.'), Maia, Pleione...etc): Original were Lyrans that came to Earth (Terra) and then went to Pleiades.
      (aprox. 410 LY)
    • CANIS MAIOR, Sirius system: Orange type - very scientific. Original outpost of MIB
      (Star is: A1 type, 8.6 LY)
    • LYRA: Original outpost of white Aryan (Nordic) Race. What is left of Aryans (Lyrans) is the Pleiadians and Andromedans and some Arcturian, Cignus Alpha, Alpha Centauri, Sagitarius A&B, Cassiopeia...
    • LYRA, Vega: Nordic type
      (Star is: A0 type, 26.5 LY)
    • TAURUS, Hyades: Nordic type
      (130 LY)
    • CETUS, Tau Ceti: Nordic type
      (Star is: G8, 11.8 LY)

Another interesting stars:

    • OPHIUCHUS, Bernard Star (Closest star to the Sun)
      (Star is: M5 type, 5.9 LY)
    • CENTAURUS, Toliman
      (Star is: 4.28 LY (Proxima Centauri))
    • BOOTES, Arcturus
      (Star is: K2 type, 37 LY)
    • BOOTES, Epsilon Bootis - Izar
      (Star is: K0, 250 LY)
    • TAURUS, Alfa Tauri - Aldebaran
      (Star is: K5, 68 LY)
    • AQUILA, Alfa Aquilae - Altair
      (Star is: A7, 16 LY)
    • ORION, Bellatrix
      (Star is: B2, 303 LY)
    • ERIDANUS, Epsilon Eridani
      (Star is: K2, 10.8 LY)


MJ12 (PI-40: personal communication):

People Involved in MJ operations:

Supposed Headquarter (HQ) of MJ-12:

Some Projects Connected with MAJIC (Majority Agency for Joint Intell.):

Members of Aviary Group (more info) (Discredit any serious research in the UFO):

PSI-TECH 'remote viewing' company:


  • 1954 Holloman AFB New Mexico: Large Nosed Greys (Betelguese, ORION)
  • April 15, 1964 New Mexico desert: Intelligence officer meets with 2 aliens. (Project SIGMA)
  • December 27 and 30, 1980 Bentwaters, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England: ? Sirians - Oriental type: 'Orange' (?)


  • July 2, 1947: Corona (Roswell), New Mexico
  • July 3, 1947: San Augustin Flats near Magdalena, New Mexico
  • March 25, 1948: Aztec, New Mexico
  • January 16, 1950: near New Mexico, 2 crafts
  • March 22, 1950: New Mexico, 3 crafts
  • December 6, 1950: El Indio-Guerrero, Laredo, Mexico Texas border
  • May 20, 1953: Kingman, Arizona
  • Summer, 1953: near Camp Polk, Louisiana
  • April 24, 1954: Bandalier, New Mexico
  • December 10, 1964: Fort Riley, Kansas
  • 1965 (?): Whitewater Lake, Indiana
  • July 3, 1967: 2.5 hrs. by air from Canine Corps at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA.
  • 1973 (?): between Hawai and the mainland
  • November 9, 1974: Carbondale, Pennsylvania
  • May 7, 1989: Valhalla AFB, Pretoria

connected with this subject

and info on (mostly dry) lakes (military installations):










  • Ada, Oklahoma

Facilities on the near celestial bodies:

Info on (Dry) Lakes at the Restricted Areas:



    • 1 near Castus Flat
    • Mud Lake
    • Groom Lake
    • Papoose Lake
    • Yucca Lake
    • Frenchman Lake
    • 2 lakes near Indiana Springs
    • 1 near desert range (dry)
    • Cabin Springs Dry Lake


    • between Rigellian 'ORION' and the Sirius system: ORION WARS
    • between Blonds and Serpent Race (Greys, Draco Reptiles): Ancient LYRAN WARS


DNA sequence: Genetic information (Buy) (program) for creation of life form from single cell. Product of this process is also you, your ability to think, remember...simply who you are, as your wett ware working. Some call this 'container'= your body. Have you heard about it perhaps on CNN: 'Shaping the New Generations' advertising. 1994, or many research groups at this field. Or genetic alteration possibilities = Genetic programming. By altering DNA sequences (A,G,C,T). Probably it works as a recursive program, because each piece of the DNA program, contain information about programming of the whole. Normal computers have just two values 0 & 1. It is called Binary-Machine language. So now you can program and shape body, brain, your perception of reality - way of thinking. Sort of bio programmable machine. You can now make new diseases from innocent viruses by altering their genetic structure (AIDS...). It's like a game. Game to make living things looks like, behave, how they percept everything around them. And also you, how you percept your own reality and world around you. Close your eyes, and world disappears suddenly - because map of reality exists only in your head. Such a trick. It is sort of Holographic Matrix Universe (Buy). It is stored in your genetic code, how everything works in you. You can shape your software, how you learn and grow. TV and media is a massive programming tool now on how you percept reality. TV and media (Buy) define your reality, your world in which you live you everyday life. Most of the thing now we know from TV and media such as Newspapers, Internet...
Genetic programming can be also very dangerous game in the wrong hands. You can also alter genes for how rapid you are getting older (as genetic disorder of Sebastian in the film Blade Runner. Opposite, it's quite well possible too. He was getting older too fast). It's possible to know when your child is born, his sexual orientation... and so on and on you can go through color of your eyes ...to DNA sequences of illnesses disposition. Just spread your imagination and it still will be beyond your wildest dream you ever had. Have you heard about cloning? Identical copies of human beings. First who came with this to public in year 1980 was Dr. Peter David Beter in his audio-letters. Replicas of politicians and other humans. Most of us saw on TV some live Replicants (Clones, Synthetics, Robotoids), just you were not aware of it. Your program in your brain refuse to accept it, because They say, it is not possible, it does not exist. Of course...This theme is pretty weird 'because people now can play on God...(Jurassic Park (Buy) serie) Human Genom project at Bethesda...(encoding of human DNA (Buy) sequences). And what about memories? Sort of Hologram (Buy). Can be programmed too. So what is reality?

ARTIFICIAL LIFE (Buy)and genetic programming (on machines) (Buy)... Names like - Christopher Langton (Buy), John Koza (Buy), Steven Levy (Buy)

Good popular book on this subject is a cult book: 'Neuromancer' (Buy) by William Gibson 1984, (Billy Idol's song 'Neuromancer') Cyberspace (Buy), DNA, Multiply realities... Man - Machine Connections.

Interesting mind altering drug: PROZAC (Buy)


    • CPA Book Publisher
      PO Box 596
      OR 97009
      PO Box 2420
      Fort Bragg
      CA 95437
    • Sons Of Liberty
      PO Box 449
      LA 70032
    • Albionic Research
      PO Box 20273
      MI 48220-0273
    • F.R.E.E. c/o
      PO Box 33339

      Texas 78029
    • Global Insights
      675 Fairview Dr.#246
      Carson City
      NV 89701
      Fax: (702) 885-0700
    • Frontier Science Foundation
      PO Box 372
      8250 AJ Dronten
      The Netherlands
      Tel: +31(0)321 - 380 558
      Fax: +31(0)321 - 318 892

Recommended Literature:



  • Book from Umberto Eco: Foucault pendulum (Buy)
  • 3rd Eye - Anja - 6 chakra (Buy) - Snake Kundalini - Mind's Eye - DMT Spirit Molecule Dimethyltryptamine - pineal gland - seat of the soul - production of melatonin (night and day) - place of Implants - connection with the frontal lobes on forehead ---> Awakening of the Third Eye /point of decision on which reality are you going to experience/ - Opening of new consciousness - your mind is concentrated to the point above eyes on your forehead /pulsating, vibrating point/ - new perception of reality (misperception of ordinary reality), perception of everlasting moment (stillness) of NOW, eternal presence, gap between past and the future - awareness of other higher realities. Connection with 144.000 marked multitudes from the Book of Revelation?
  • 3rd Eye awakening process: Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires, Kate Bush - 50 words for snow (lyrics), (Icy, I See, Eye See, Snow White Icy Man), Beatles - Tomorrow never knows, Prince band 3rd Eye Girl
  • Duality of 3rd Eye - it prevent classic collapse of the wave function and relation to the observer or this. Actually it is a gateway between those two (or more) realities (Awake state of Ego reality - world of Particle - Solid state reality - of flesh and my sex - of moment - Maya reflection of me - service to self ) versus (Dream state of no Ego - Wave model - Misty reality - of Spirit of Love - of Eternity - the real me - service to others)
  • Flesh to Flesh (temporary - happiness, lust, sex) VERSUS: Spirit to spirit (eternal - of love)
  • number 42 (42 as the ultimate answer in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, +42 as telephone prefix - a calling code for former Czechoslovakia.)...also Kate Bush is doing reference in song 50 Words for Snow on Life in Universe (through the clue on Star Trek - Klingons): 42 peDtaH 'ej chIS qo', 8 dea(ae)mon ndi-pavlova (12) - I used to live there on this address and my former partner worked for NDI and the daemon is a proper word for my former partner...quite interesting Synchronicity, 49 mi(y) (a)stral despair...and more clues. Kate Bush and her Fish People - link to Sirius system and Dogons and the fish people - Nommos - more pictures.
  • Last album from Natasha Bedingfield - Strip me is clearly about this process of awakening of the "Inner Eye" in humans (Pineal Gland). So it is really a global process. (I C, Eye See, I See...Inner Eye, 3rd Eye)
  • St(r)ing s of Synchronicities ("Gods" way, when your path of life and your "dots" of happenings perfectly connects and makes somehow perfect match. Sort of "Gods" humor) in Symphonicities (Buy). The Police Synchronicity (Song - lyrics and also name of whole album)
  • William Blake and his experience in Auguries of Innocence (shortened)
    • To see a world in a grain of sand,
      And a heaven in a wild flower,
      Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
      And eternity in an hour.
      Some to misery are born,
      Every morn and every night
      Some are born to sweet delight.
      Some are born to sweet delight,
      Some are born to endless night.
      We are led to believe a lie
      When we see not thro' the eye,
      Which was born in a night to perish in a night,
      When the soul slept in beams of light.
      God appears, and God is light,
      To those poor souls who dwell in night;
      But does a human form display
      To those who dwell in realms of day.
  • E.A.Poe - Dream Within A Dream
    • Take this kiss upon the brow!
      And, in parting from you now,
      Thus much let me avow-
      You are not wrong, who deem
      That my days have been a dream;
      Yet if hope has flown away
      In a night, or in a day,
      In a vision, or in none,
      Is it therefore the less gone?
      All that we see or seem
      Is but a dream within a dream.
      I stand amid the roar
      Of a surf-tormented shore,
      And I hold within my hand
      Grains of the golden sand-
      How few! yet how they creep
      Through my fingers to the deep,
      While I weep- while I weep!
      O God! can I not grasp
      Them with a tighter clasp?
      O God! can I not save
      One from the pitiless wave?
      Is all that we see or seem
      But a dream within a dream?
  • LOVE is a force which will help you to connect to this higher realms - versus - FEAR is opposing force and will just separate you from this connection (Love vs Fear - like life-line exercise clue in Donnie Darko movie - try youtube)
  • So - Us - Up (Icy Love Joy)
  • We are spirits - we are through our bodies - we are not only our bodies. We are much more.
  • Through the Looking Glass L.C. (Glass Onion - Beatles reference on Inner Eye)
  • Best code in programming is no code at all because no errors at all. So Enter the Void, the Stillness where you do not need any code. It will be just Even Flow (Oh dark grin he can't help when he's happy he looks insane)
  • Solar Plexus - Manipura Chakra - Chakras Info
  • Enlil (Draco) & Enki (Sirius) -> Humans
  • Anunnaki, Nephilims, Nibiru
  • Quetzalcoatl
  • Gene ISIS (Gene of ISIS - aka Genesis)
  • New Test A Ment (Buy) - Multitudes and breads (Equation...?): 1 bread = 200 denaril, 200 * 5 breads = 1000, 1000 to 5000 multitudes is 1000 / 5000 = 0.2, now remains is 2, and 2 to 12 baskets is 2 / 12 = 0.1666.... - Interesting numbers: 1666, 666 (Buy)...etc. (used in phone calls No., advertising, Credit card numbers, banks, companies.)
  • 'Gen Tiles King Exercise authority over Benefactors' ...looks like something on DNA manipulation.
  • Book Of Revelation (Buy):
    • Chapter 13;16-18: 'And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that the mark, of the name of beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six - 666 (Barcode has a three 6 in the code. Beginning of the code two thin lines, middle and the very end of the code)
    • Chapter 17;9: about 7 continents of the World: '...The seven heads are seven mountains of which the woman sittes.' same
    • Chapter 8: 'And the woman which you sawed is that great city, which reigned over the kings of the earth.'
  • Advertising with aliens, new technologies or conspire. (See ADIDAS new advertising on MTV: 'Escape while you can': Man Machine Connection.)
  • Alternative 3 (Buy) film by Anglia Television
  • TV Series as: X-Files (Buy), Dark Skies (Buy), Outer Limits (Buy), Millennium (Buy)...conditioning of the masses to the alien presence (paradigm) through new cinema movies, TV series...
  • persons like: Bob Lazar (who worked for the feds...on alien tech.).
  • Building of Detention (Concentration) Camps in USA, Many Black Unmarked Helicopters (Buy)
  • Something for teenagers through computer games as: 'UFO: Enemy Unknown', where you can find such things as autopsy of Grey after Invasion of Earth...etc.
  • TRINITY concept - Father, Son and Holy Spirit aka: Past, Future and Present (Present - Eternal moment of Now which unites in Present moment Future and Past) also symbol of a family: Mother, Father, Child (Basic unit granularity in DNA Concept Life Reality Framework
  • What is LIFE - Ability of system to decrease entropy in the certain part of the system. Life creates more complex organization (order) of the system. Life is opposite force to the entropy.
  • What is REALITY - Reality is a DNA based construct (framework) of your mind - Matrix projection. Without observer there is no sense to talk about reality. Every observer has his own different version (scope) of reality because every subject able to perceive reality, create his own projection (scope or construct) of reality. Reality is always based and dependent on the observer therefore on your DNA. There is very very close relationship between REALITY and your DNA (two sides of a same coin). DNA program creates you, and also your brain. Brain creates your reality, therefore Reality of man is created in his head by his brain. Reality, and also own (individual) perception of space and time - moment of eternal now - gap between past and the future (Moebius never ending loop of eternal now is also always binded to the observer).
  • Reality which we know (do experience) is a "DNA based Reality Framework". Therefore GOD must be something like sum of all Reality Frameworks (aka Cosmos, Divine Cosmos of David Wilcock, Universe, MultiVerse...)
  • Those one who control your mind, control also your DNA based reality. In fact they do control you, your world - that little space between your left and your right ear where your map of DNA based reality exists. What is outside, is also inside. Universe outside is universe which is inside of you. What is up, is also down. Microcosm is a picture of macrocosm. Know the world = Know yourself.


  • Sexuality is more than just gender. It has more dimensions and their combinations as:
  • 1. Dimension: Your biological sex. You are genetically (DNA) man, woman...or in between like hermaphrodite
  • 2. Dimension: As what do you feel inside and of what of you identify inside as: man, woman, in between...or?
  • 3. Dimension: You are attracted to: men, women, she males, ...or?
  • 4. Dimension: You are aroused by what? Looking at the nice girl, fatty girl, nice boy, watching porno, fetish, bondage, oral sex, normal sex, lesbian relationship, threesome ...etc
  • 5. Dimension: What you dislike...and so on...

So as you see sexuality has more dimensions and their combinations (matrix of dimensions) and it is not black and white and is changing and evolving in time of course, like the whole universe which reside in us.

20. THE END...?

So enjoy this game with the name 'Your Life' and play it by yourself. Beginning is called BIRTH and end is called DEATH. Do what you want. Explore, search and prove by yourself. It is up to you.

...dark ages are still not over!

Don't let them use you.
Open your eyes, time to wake up.
Real battle is the spiritual one.
Battlefield is the space between your left and your right ear.

Indeed we were warned: "My people will perish for lack of knowledge"


When Third Eye kills Maya, (Ego-Zebra) Empire disappears...rest follows.
Love will prevail.
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